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  • Eye Steel Film

    7095 rue Marconi #201, Montreal, QC, H2S 3K4



    EyeSteelFilm is a film and interactive media company dedicated to using cinematic

    expression as a catalyst for social and political change. It was created to develop

    cinema that empowers people who are ignored by mainstream media, a mandate

    that has taken the company to explore projects, people and ideas around the world.

    EyeSteelFilm was founded through making films with the homeless community.

    Daniel Cross’ gritty street trilogy (The Street: a film with the homeless, 1996; SPIT:

    Squeegee Punks in Traffic, 2002; www.HomelessNation.org, 2003) chronicled a

    generation of Canadians lost to social funding cuts, political apathy, alcoholism and

    drug use. These films provided a template for using engaged cinéma-vérité and

    interactivity for empowerment and change.

    For almost 20 years, Montreal’s award-winning EyeSteelFilm has made an

    international impact with social issue documentaries such as Softie (2020), Influence

    (2020), Dope is Death (2020), The Internet of Everything (2020), Anote’s Ark (2018), Let There be Light (2017), I am the Blues (2015), Deprogrammed (2015), Chameleon (2014), Forest of the Dancing Spirits (2013), Inside Lara Roxx (2011), Rip! A Remix Manifesto (2009), as well as a series of films chronicling modern life in China: Bone (2005), Chairman George (2006), Up the Yangtze (2007), Last Train Home (2009), Vanishing Spring Light (2011) and China Heavyweight, (2012). In the process, it has been the recipient of over 100 international awards.

    Année de fondation: 2001

    Nombre d'employés: Moins de 25

    A proximité d'un métro: Oui, Parc, de Castelnau

    A proximité d'un autobus: Oui, 92, 93, 80, 55

    A proximité d'un Bixi: Oui