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  • Directeur de département / Department Manager

    Lieu: 5455 Avenue de Gaspé suite 900, Montréal, QC, Canada

    Employeur: Framestore

    The Department Manager is responsible for ensuring that all projects are fully and appropriately crewed with a combination of internal and external resources. They are also responsible for developing, managing and retaining the best artists for our film teams.

    Working closely with project producers, supervisors and heads of department, the Department Manager will work as part of the Talent and Resourcing Team to ensure that VFX projects are crewed with the best available internal crew. Reporting to the Head of Resourcing and Head of Talent and working alongside the recruitment team they will also identify what vacancies need to be filled for each show.

    The Department Manager is also the first point of contact for crew in their care with regard to contractual issues and project allocation.

    Key Responsibilities:

    • Working with the Head of Department the Department Manager will liaise with Producers and Supervisors to resource VFX Projects with the best available crew
    • Set up weekly meetings with show production and supervision to discuss the progress of the work on each show
    • When necessary, negotiate with Producers and reallocate crew to achieve the best, cross-project allocation of crew
    • Take responsibility for crew member inductions to our production workflows and pipeline and ensure that all artists are work ready from day one
    • The first point of contact for all crew members, particularly on contractual matters, career development, project allocation and any training needs
    • Managing multi-site communication between the Montreal and London office to assist the heads of departments
    • Managing internal department meetings and weekly target schedules
    • Work closely with other department managers and the Head of Resourcing to manage cross department communication and work flow
    • Work closely with heads of departments to create the more appropriate pipeline and structural set ups for the department; including setup of show-specific production needs e.g. work stations, software requirements and seating etc.
    • Providing support to heads of departments as needed, organising department meetings and following up when required
    • Acting as the primary contact for show production regarding the progress of the work, communicating daily with the show co-odinators and line producers regarding changes to priorities, etc.
    • Alongside project supervisors or heads of department, conduct performance reviews, delivering effective feedback and constructive criticism
    • Liaise with show producers to manage any vacation requests and make sure time off is approved by the show
    • Working alongside the training team to follow through on training and development needs and assist with internal learning events as appropriate
    • Work with Head of Department and HR to handle disciplinary issues and dismissals
    • Engage in pay negotiations and maintain pay parity within our teams
    • Work with the Head of Talent and Head of Department to maintain consistency in salary levels and participate in the annual salary process
    • Work closely with heads of department to ensure teams are well balanced in terms of expertise, experience and skills
    • Identify vacancies to the recruitment team and work closely with them to ensure that the right candidates are hired
    • Be involved in the recruitment drive through social media and direct contacts
    • Work with the recruitment team to drive decision making on candidates with heads of department
    • Work closely with other department managers in other global divisions (London, New York, Chicago, Integrated Advertising, TTFL) to ensure unallocated crew can be utilised
    • Work with the HR team in Montreal to ensure understanding of Canadian employment law and make sure that best practice is followed
    • Keep artist team's morale high by organizing social and team building events

    Essential Skills and Experience:

    • A thorough understanding of the VFX and CG Pipeline
    • Previous experience with scheduling crew/projects
    • Bilingual (French & English) is an asset
    • Problem solving skills, particularly when resolving resources and crewing issues
    • Negotiation skills and diplomacy
    • A proven ability to establish good relationships with supervisors and an understanding of how to build a successful team around a core; taking into account both skills and cultural fit to the company
    • Strong attention to detail to ensure all documents and reports are maintained at the highest level
    • Strong communication skills
    • Pastoral care skills to ensure artists feel supported and have trust in you
    • Self motivated to take on a broad range of tasks in partnership with HR and recruitment

    Type: Temps plein

    Niveau d'expérience demandé: Sénior

    Lieu du travail: Aux bureaux de l'employeur



    5455 Avenue de Gaspé suite 900, Montréal, QC, Canada


    Téléphone: (514) 277-0004

    Télécopieur: (514) 277-0009


    Nous travaillons en collaboration avec vous afin de créer des images grandioses qui savent divertir, communiquer, influencer et façonner la vision qu’ont les gens sur des sujets variés tels que la santé, la musique, les films, la télévision et plusieurs autres aspects de notre société.

    Avec plus de 600 collaborateurs, nous comptons au sein de notre talentueuse équipe des experts en informatique; des producteurs de réputation internationale; des artistes en composition numérique, innovant autant sur le plan de la méthodologie de production qu’en imagerie; et des concepteurs et développeurs de logiciels qui détiennent une connaissance approfondie de l’application de solutions technologiques complexes au processus créatif.

    Année de fondation: 1986

    Nombre d'employés: Plus de 100

    A proximité d'un métro: Oui, Laurier, Rosemont

    A proximité d'un autobus: Non

    A proximité d'un Bixi: Non

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